Diversity inside and out


Heterogeneity leads to ineffective treatment and drug resistance.

Using a laser, microfluidic chips, advanced analytics, and software, bioSyntagma creates in situ expression profiles of tumor and tissue samples. This is the foundation for our Tumor Heterogeneity Profile.


The Tumor Heterogeneity Profile is unique in the ability to bridge the chasm between the tissue structure and the expression characteristics of the cell or cells composing the tissue. Until now, investigators had to choose one or the other; now there is no choice, there simply is—the THP.

bioSyntagma can finely dissect one cell or groups of cells from FFPE or fixed frozen specimens and transport the material to a collection plate, retaining the spatial location of the collection point. From there complex analysis can be performed, and data can be linked back to the collection location on the tissue slide.

bioSyntagma’s data report provides an expression map of the selected cells or areas of interest along with images of the original tissue allowing in situ analysis.

THP is currently offered as a service. Send us your samples for analysis today.

Contact us to learn how we can work together to achieve your goals. bioSyntagma can customize protocols based on your unique needs.