bioSyntagma enables solutions to the big questions of the life sciences at a scale and scope unmatched by any other technology.  Our technology is indispensable for advancing scientific knowledge and the successful clinical treatment of cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders, and auto-immune diseases.

Corporate Values

Cancer is complex enough; at bioSyntagma we keep it simple and strive to excel at these key principles


Making a difference in the lives of patients is the motivation behind everything that we do. We strive to improve the treatment experiences for those that have already been affected by this devastating disease, while simultaneously working to reduce the number of lives affected in the future.


Our vision is to bring our technology to market and make it generally commercially available to anyone who needs to understand the underlying nature of heterogeneity in cancer, particularly those afflicted with this terrible disease, those seeking to understand cancer, and those working on treatments to cure it. We will focus on excellence in meeting our customers’ needs, and expanding our capabilities to meet those needs.


Our focus is on our team and making bioSyntagma a great place to work. We do this by giving our team members meaningful work and recognizing their contribution to our mission. Check out our careers page.


Success will come if we focus on our customers, on ensuring that our tools are broadly available to everyone, to keep pushing the envelope to create new and better tools, and on creating a culture that attracts the best talent to help us accomplish our mission.

Our Team

David Richardson, BSE, PSM

Chief Executive Officer

David Richardson is a founding member of bioSyntagma with 9 years’ experience in research & development. He has worked previously with other startup companies, successfully aiding the development and launch of multiple software packages used by government agencies to secure and control their facilities.  He then transitioned into healthcare, engineering orthopedic solutions including surgical instruments, knee implant hardware, and a complete hip replacement system under FDA and ISO certified design systems.  This included market research, design validation and verification, and documentation for 510(k) FDA approval.  Mr. Richardson then moved into cancer research as an engineer where he fabricated a microfluidic system capable of investigating living micro tumor spheroids at the single-cell level.

Dmitry Derkach, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dmitry Derkach is a founding member of bioSyntagma with a background in Molecular and Cellular Biology as well as clinical practice as an MD. Dr. Derkach has almost 20-years lab and industrial experience in drug/bioassay development, validation and implementation. Dr. Derkach practiced medicine for 4 years in the ICU before advancing to achieve his PhD in Molecular Biology at Kyushu University (Japan) and postdoctoral work at University of Arizona. He moved to a pharmaceutical company in Phoenix, AZ where he developed two cell based potency assays and elucidated mechanisms of action for two peptide based drugs. His 5-years in FDA regulated lab work was focused on developing peptide-based drugs for use in the US market. In 2013 Dr. Derkach joined the Biodesign Institute developing novel, high-throughput genomic screening tools.

Colleen Ziegler

Principal Technologist

Colleen Ziegler has over five years of experience performing advanced biological analysis in research and clinical settings. Her proficiency in molecular techniques have allowed her to hold positions in multiple labs at Arizona State University, studying topics as diverse as inflammatory cell death and single cell analysis of Barrett’s Esophagus progression. She also has previous experience working in a CLIA laboratory performing blood screening for pathogens on the nation’s blood supply.